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13 September 2007



Hello Lynette! Fancy meeting you here! Testing 1,2,3


roflmao....yes those slipper pans are just nastey. don't worry lynette it happens all the time. did you get a post op sponge? i loved mine after i had the kids. it was so nice to have your back washed with warm water when you felt so grotty.


Oh my, that is quite a's amazing the things we can get away with doing when in the hospital huh? LOL I could NEVER do Chin's job. :) Sorry for your embarrassement, but thanks for making my laugh.

Hope you are feeling better.

YAY!!!! typepad!!!


Oops, I meant...making me laugh


Hello Darling Kiwi,
Please don't hate me but every time I read this I laugh so hard. NOT because of your embarrASSment. BUT b/c you tell a story so well. You really should write a book, or two or three. I would buy them all. :) So glad you posted this story on your new blog. I loved the email and now others can enjoy it too! YOU rock my friend. Hope your feet are feeling better. Love ya!


Lynette first I better tell you I found you on Kristi's blog and secondly hope you feel better. That was a very well told story. I laughed at how you turned embarassment into humor. Good for you! Glad Chin was so good to ya!


Hi Melinda! Welcome! It's really weird how my stalkers tune in through Kristi's blog! ha!

Kristi Smith

I am so happy you posted this!!! It totally cracks me up. Now everyone can laugh at your wonderful storytelling. Melinda was a stalker I didn't even know about until a couple of days ago, she's sneaky. lol And I found out she doesn't live to far away from me!!! I was happy she finally came out of hiding! Now who can I e-mail this link to? =)

Kristi Smith

Oh, and I really like your new "pad"!!!


LOL! So funny Lynette! Thank you for sharing your embarrassing story. It's a good one!


thanks for welcoming me Lynette. You are way talented girl- Kristi will have to fill you in on how I started stalking her blog. Really only happened by chance.


Kristi told me to come over for a good time ... and she wasn't kidding. Great story! Awesome! :D

Jill Geraghty-Grovesj

ROFLMAO You are such a GLAMOURPUSS!!!! (strangely comforting to know I'm not alone!)


I actually sat giggling to myself for a couple of days after this. I thought "how embarrassing! and I'm not going to tell anyone because they might think I'm a serial bed wetter or something. Every nurse I spoke to reassured me that that sort of thing is nothing and then I realised that I would be pretty good at peeing in the grand scheme of things haaaa! and No. 1 accidents as opposed to No.2 accidents in hospital beds across the country/continents/world would be nothing! but mine was funny so I had to share it. Now everyone on the www knows about my bed wetting habits!

Yes, Jill! Glamourpuss! Not alone? You mean you are good at peeing too?


Oh Lynnette you can't hit 40 without a GREAT "wetting story". You go girl wet knickers and all, surgical to say the least. This is so you to put your humour in front of those things we just don't talk about (keep it in the family). Good on you and Chin Lee you had a bond and I could just see you tring to keep quiet whilst laughing soo much your sides feel like bursting.

Thankyou for the invite to this page. Don't forget you need to clean the carpets and take the stash of cash you had hidden in the hidey place at the last place you were at.


Meant to say "wet bed sheets' not "knickers" but I can't get back into the message. Oh get another glass of wine and don't worry about it, Kessa. Worry about what? I don't know what? Happy New Space!!!! or new house wishes. I bags wetting the bed first oh doesn't matter Lynette has already done it. Okay I bags jumping on the beds and turning all the lights on and off. When is the party Lynette - Can I come?????

Kristi Smith

I love the clock up there, very cool. And the photos on the side. And the banner. Wow, you are doing a great job setting up your page!!!

Beautiful family too! =)


I'm here. You said to "bare" with you, so I'm sitting here naked. What's next?
Red Pen Lady


You know what Donna? Oops! I forgot the comma. You know what, Donna? I sometimes post without proof reading and then go back and think "what was I thinking?" and I go back to correct things and then get side-tracked. Grammatical errors? I can't be bothered with. Spelling errors? the older I get the worse I'm getting.

Hi Kessa! How much wine did you have?

Kristi, everything here is from typepad. I just chose and clicked. Even the banner.

Paranoid Spelling Introvert Bed Wetter


Woo-Hoo! You funny rady rynette!!!!! Love your story!!!! Yea for Chin!!

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