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29 September 2007



Love the layout! Cute journalling. (I added an extra L just for you.)

I haven't had a chance to read the rest yet...just looked at the photos. Brad is LOVELY!

I'm cleaning my bunny cage right now because my office smells like a barn stall. THEN I'll come back and read the rest.


Plus I wanted to be the first to post.


First off gorgeous photos. You really have learned a lot with your photography! =)

I think that smoke would make me very nervous too. BUT you sure do live it a beautiful place among the nature.

Hmmm so where are Brads hands on that photo? =D I think both our men can pull very funny faces! I think they would get along real well.

Love that photo of Peyton make sure you print it off if you don't want to scrap it and put it in a frame or in a box of photos. A few years down the road you may want to scrap it. I love it.
Love your layout too. Cute little story. I'm jealous, I wish my girls were still little to play those games and to get all those sweet snuggles and kisses. Hold onto them Lynette they grow up much too fast.


Lovin' that layout Lynette! Wow, I can't imagine living that close to a fire like that! Sending up prayers that it stays away from you guys!!

Kristi Smith

That fire does seem scary close!!! Lots of smoke! Love seeing the kangaroos coming out though!

Funny, I have seen that face on Brad before. When are you scrapping that photo?

Love the photo of Peyton and that layout is "Not so cute!" lol. Very cute! Love that photo.


I have scrapped that Brad photo Kristi. Its going to be out in a mag in a couple of months.

Jill Geraghty-Grovesj

Oooooooooooh, scary seeing all that smoke Lynette! I've got a real "fire" thing so I'd be terrified!'re lucky having Brad - what a hunk of burning love!!!! And yep, the layout of Peyton is just gorgeous!


How scary!!! Stay safe!!!

What a gorgeous layout and girl!!!

Cathy L. from Chicago

STunning LO and photo. That is the sweetest pose!

Kristi Smith

You have scrapped that photo of Brad and we never got to see it???

What was the title???=)


throw another shrimp on the barbie... Awesome pictures.
Nice one of Brad - I can see why you would love waking up to that....... *blank look*

Guess what I just had ANOTHER friend move to Queensland. I have one in Flaxton and now one in Coolum Beach.

I'm packing my bags soon...... aaaahhhh... I think I can put up with some heat after the last 12 years of having record snow falls in the cities I have lived in.

We could trade - You can wake up next to Mika the Yellow Lab & I'll wake up next to Brad the beagle.
Con side for you - I have NO mojo. NONE .. ZERO.
Con side for Brad - I don't have sex.
Con side for Mika - You forget her yogurt bedtime snack
Con side for Vixen - Record snow fall in Queensland.


haaaa! Joan, you crack me up!


CRIKEYS mate, could you imagine. Get a little tucker in me and i'm giddy as a gazelle.

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