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27 September 2007


sue bull

hey look at me, i finally commented! you were in chch? so close and yet so far! i didn't know you had 4 kids either - we are a rare and crazy breed. you are indeed a brave woman trying out your 'new feet' in ski boots! happy honeymoon - it looked (and sounded) like fun - bridget!!! and btw - that would be me too. on a school trip, they had to stop the LEARNER rope because i had straddled it and couldn't get off (oh the trauma = i'm reliving it all over again)...


Sue... I did this a little of 2 years ago. We spent Christmas 2004 in Himatangi with family and then I was back again in October 2005 for a funeral.

I've left a few family details on Kristi's blog too. As well as those details, I lived in Paraparaumu Beach until I was 9 years old and then moved to Tokoroa and then 5 years later moved to Palmerston North. We moved to Australia in 1984. I am a C cup, have no bunions and I ate fish last night. =D


Cute story! Lucky for me, I took lessons for 12 weeks when I was in the seventh grade so I didn't have to have an embarrassing adult beginner ski story like that.

I took my first husband with me once at a little podunk ski area here in the midwest. We were waiting for the chair, it came whipping around the corner and he didn't really understand what to do. When it hit the back of his knees, he didn't SIT he went forward flat on his face. It was horrible. Inside I was dying laughing, but he was so mortified and everyone was completely silent. Awful! Man, I felt bad for him, but it was all I could do to keep from wetting my pants from the humor.

Skiing is entertaining, that's for sure. Loved your story. You'll have to try it again with your new feet!


love the story, Lynette!! see, that's the reason I don't book skiing holidays and go for the sun instead! :) Love the photo's! Maybe I should try New Zealand some time....although it's a heck of a trip...on the other side of this planet!


do you say "book a holiday" or "make reservations for a holiday"? jeez, I guess my English is getting a little rusty!


Haggith, here in Brisbane we are close to the tropics and we get too much sun and heat so we opt for cooler holidays. Also, we say 'book a holiday'. Are Americans and Canadians the only ones who say 'vacation'?

Red Pen Lady?


well, I grew up amongst Americans, so usually I say "vacation" (also use " instead of ') :) But I'm back in Holland where they are taught British, so I catch myself saying British versions of words sometimes!
Brisbane, cool. I was in Brisbane....ha, when i was seven! :) My sister, married to an Australian, used to live near Brisbane (near for your parts...Lismore, far according to our standards...Holland is soooo small) But she lives in Vanuatu now...bought some land there and is building a house. So I have plenty of holidays spots in the world I still want to go to.

Oops, sorry for the lengthy comment.


wow, I can really ramble!!!


what a cute story! Looks like it was a great time and what a pretty place to go! Roger and I did the same was 10 years after our wedding that we finally took our honeymoon!


Cathy L. by Chicago

Great story Lynette.
I love a good HOT VACATION!


Oh Lynette you need to write books. I just love the way you tell a story. You make me giggle and snort and giggle some more. =) I've never been skiing. I don't think I ever will try. I have weak ankles and I would not want to risk breaking them again. BUT I sure would go down hills tubing. Done that many times and it's fun stuff. We did a winter vaction with our family and our friends family about 7 years ago. We enjoyed it as much as our caribbean holidays.
Thanks for the enter


OOps....(silly finger)
Thanks for the entertaining post. I loved it!


Okay, that was hillarious. :) I've never been skiing, and I'm very afraid to go...because I dont want to come home with a story like that one. Well, that, and I DONT like to be cold. Although, it did make for and entertaining blog post. LOL

I bet you could REALLY master the slopes w/ your new feet!

Kristi Smith

I wondered what in the heck you let Janette enter! lol

For someone who doesn't like to journal Lynette, you sure can tell a story.

Love that last photo. gorgeous. I have never been skiing, don't think I am coordinated enough!


I want to take Kristi and Janette skiing.....but I might wet my longjohns from laughing!

Also, I don't know what Red Pen Lady has to say, but we Americans don't say "take a holiday" or "go on a holiday" or whatever the wording is. A holiday to us is a day like Halloween or Easter Sunday or Columbus Day.

We say take a vacation, book a vacation, take a trip, go on a trip. Stuff like that. But "go on holiday" sounds more romantic.


Man Lynette you have told some pretty funny stories lately. I have only been skiing once and never wanted to go again- now I know for sure I am too clumsy to get on those skis. I would prbably break something!


Skiing was great! Loved it! the falls and spills come with the territory and I'm ALWAYS laughing at myself! The worst part for me was the excrutiating pain in my feet. As soon as we were off the snow my boots would come off and my feet would pulse pure, unadulterated pain for 2-3 hours afterwards.

That, and the fact that those ski boots are moulded on an angle so you have no choice but to bend your knees when you are standing upright. Its just not natural I tell you! not natural!

sue bull

hey again lynette!

i was born in christchurch, moved to wellington in 1983, lived in atlanta in 1994-1995 then back to wellington. i am a B cup (i'm lying, i'm actually an A cup - still in denial), but do a very good impression of a B cup. i don't have bunions either (but my grandma had really bad ones) and i ate minestrone for dinner last night.


I know my head and back still hurt from being bowled over!....I didn't know that was you?!
That wasn't ice making your nose were still embarrassed!..x miss you.


Sherryn, you know as well as I that you are a Bridget Jones on the slopes too. You have a story to tell as well!

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