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19 September 2007


Cathy L. from Chicago

Tisk, tisk, tisk......
You need to be staying off of that foot girl!

Your Mommy is not going to be to happy with you if she sees this post either.

Take care of yourself will you!?


You silly bugger you know you need to STOP you even said you would before the operation. I know you don't have too much pain but it looks like the pain is working its way up to your brain because you are not RESTING. You really don't want your feet looking like they have a big wide wound along the edge. Slow down girl take the time for YOU. The shop, the family, your friends we will all be around for you so get everyone to help and you can do it all again when you get better.

I think you are GREAT too Yvonne. You have to be to put up with Lynette.


Your Mum sounds fantastic! And very fun!

I'm sorry to hear about your opened up foot! But yay Morphine! :)

Good luck teaching!

Gorgeous page and congrats on the Pub!


Glad I can put my clothes back on! So what happens with the gaping incision? Does it get stitched or stapled back up? That is such a drag. OW!
Your mum is very sweet. How nice to have someone doing all that stuff that would otherwise get piled up. Hi Mum! You're a peach.

And I'm glad to know how you spell journalling because I think it should be spelled that way. It looks weird the other way.


Lynette stay off your feet!!! Now look what you did. I think the only way you should teach that class is if they strap you to a wheelchair. YOU must NOT walk around on your feet. It will take twice as long to heal. Listen to your dear, sweet, and adorable Mother and stay off your feet. Or else we might all have to shorten your name! Get the picture? =D STAY off your feet and let them heal my Kiwi! BE GOOD! xoxo


hmmmmmmm i might have to get out the BIGGGG STICK you very naughtey girl. if you get an infection in the joint you will know all about it tsk.
By order and decrey you must forthwith rest and put those lovely feet up to rest. lol and yes all the previous events have been connected and have lead you to this very problem..... helllllooo. lol
enough lecture from me do you need a nurse?
congrats over the layout....


psttt i forgot to say your mum is grand and if she gets bored i could keep her busy too wink wink* lol


Lynette...take care of yourself!! Keep those footsies off the floor!! I'm soooo sure the store isn't going to mind you sitting one out, ya know!

Your mom is sure a cutie, and how wonderful of her to take such great care of you and your family!!

Feel better soon!



I'm curled up in the corner and sucking my thumb right now... sniff...


Ouch!!! Kick back and relax!!!

Your layout is gorgeous!!!

Kristi Smith

Did your mum kick your butt? Just wondered.
How did the class go? Did you stay off your feet? You better have.

Can someone, yes that could be you Donna, tell me when I am to use learned or learnt? I guess I can look it up on Wikipedia.

Lyn's Mum, I have a rash, could you come take care of me and clean my house??? (
I feel like immediate family!=))

I am gonna be in trouble!!!


Kristi Lou...I guess you should use "learnt" when you're visiting Lynette in Australia!!! So get your passport ready and limber up your tongue.


Yes, Kristi Lou! Come to Australia so you can be within an arm's length! =D

Actually, what IS the difference between Learned and Learnt???? Red Pen lady? Anyone?

Red Pen Lady

American speakers mostly use "learned" for the past and the verbal past participle, while "learned" and "learnt" share roughly equal among British speakers.
"Learnt" is used as an adjectival past participle in neither American English nor British English.

Red Pen Lady

There are two forms of "learned":

The first is "learnt" - past of to learn

The other is "learn-ed" - someone who is highly educated.

It is common English, not specifically American.

Jill Geraghty-Grovesj

You REALLY need a good slappin' girl! Be careful you goose!


The only word I can think of that we use here similar to "learnt" is "dreamt".

I dreamt that Lynette was creating all kinds of exciting things with her feet in the air and her red pen flying. She's a very learn-ed individual.

Kristi Smith

She's a very learned individual sounds funny though, doesn't it? lol

I give up, I got an A in English in college, apparently I cheated my way through it. I suck at English and I live in the USA . . . very sad. =)


Well you have to say it "learnED"....which by the way do you say striped (like stripe-t) or do you say stripED? I said stripED when I was a little girl but I don't think I emphasize the ED anymore.

Kristi, you shouldn't be so hard on yourself. You don't SUCK at English! Silly girl.


You really had to go and tell us not to call you Lyn? And we're supposed to not do it because you told us not to? What are you going to do about it if we do? : D


Well, I don't know Kendra. The most I could do is pop a blood vessel and wish a plague of fleas upon you! LOL!

I have more to say about the English/American version of the same language but right now I need to get my kids and I out the door and off to ballet...


Aren't moms great!?! And don't you dare pop your stitches again picking out EMBELLISHMENTS!! LYN!!!!!!!!!!! Ha Ha. I'm going to call you Lyn when you're in trouble. Hopefully you're on morphine when you read this and you'll just think it's very funny. ;)




oh! and =D!!!

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