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24 September 2007



I see a Jayden resemblance in the last photo....very cute! He's very good lucky to have such a talented, good looking, stylish, sophisticated, non bunioned Aunty in his presence! Hows you feet darlink? kitchen needs some attention if you're feeling energetic.


What georgeous seven teeth you have, Bailey!!
A handsome little van Barrelo. It has been a year since he was born WOW how time flies and we are reminded by our little people how it goes fast. Happy Birthday dear Bailey.

Hi Janene - a georgous creation. Congrats.

Hey what about the kitchen I thought it was okay???? LOL Luv ya


oh he is a cutie pie!!! Happy Birthday to little Bailey!!

by the way, I think the pics looks great!

congrats on the clean kitchen, I know exactly what you mean!



Oh my gosh he is adroable! What a sweetie. WOW girl you work fast. already a stunning Lo of him! You go girl! BTW love his name and I love some Baileys on the rocks. Yummy!

I take it your feet are doing a bit better if you were out and about at a Birthday party and already cleaning your kitchen. Don't over do it Darling. Just keep pumping out the eye candy layouts! That you can sit for.

Jen Biggs

What a cute little guy! I love his blue eyes. And that LO is awesome as usual!


Hi there, Lynette i love Baileys layout! He is so cute and yes he is a van Barrelo!! If i had a dollar for everytime i have heard that in the last year.. Thats ok though. Your feet looked great on sunday, but you know you should be staying off them more than you are!! Nothing slows you down. No longer a stalker. Take care.xx


Haaaaa! Slowly but surely, since moving to Typepad, my stalkers are coming out of the closet! There musn't be any problems commenting like some of you did in Blogspot.

AND! Jen Biggs has come out of hibernation! How's the belly Jen? You are almost due...Yes?

And yes, Janette. Baileys on the rocks is the way to go!

Sherryn, I know how much pleasure Veijo takes in his/your kitchen. I'll leave you two to it!

Kessa, the kitchen WAS OK. =D

I think I might do another layout and let the kids do the housework...

Jill Geraghty-Grovesj

Jeez....dang you're good!

Kristi Smith

That layout is great!!! Grundgy . . . love it. He is a cutie. You have figured out how to get your stalkers to come out Lynette . . . just put up photos of their children!=)

Hi Janene!!!

Hi Jen! We've missed you!

Now, stay off those feet! Or I will have to get my paddle out!


So as usual the layout is awesome- you talented lady you!! And yes I was a stalker but I have left you some comments now- and yes I did find you via Kristi's blog- and can you tell I was there and saw your comment about your tracker. Oh and that Bailey is a cutie. Love Bailey's on the rocks too Janette.


Melinda, now you just need to set up a blog so we can spy back! I don't even know what you look like or even if you have better feet than me now! ha! (I don't need to be an Einstein to figure that one out!) Quick! email a photo!

Kristi! RAaaaaarrrrrr! Are you going to spank me or are you going to row to Australia to sort me out??? =D

I like it when Jill says that! Makes me want to purr and weave in and out of her legs!


Lynette said "I like it when Jill says that!Makes me want to purr and weave in and out of her legs!"

Janette sayssssssss "GASP!"

Lynette, Lynette, Lynette, we all read that! =D


Now, Janette! You know I know you know what I meant! I just don't know why I think you think you know now. I think. ???????

ok. Lets just say I'm a cat. ;D


love the layout he is sooooo you are way too funny or is that the drugs again????


Cute kid!!! Did you say his dad is hairy? Is this child destined for hairiness or will the genes from his mom's side save him?

Kristi Smith

She is just funny Vickii, she was like that before the drugs, wasn't she???=)

I don't know what Melinda looks like either, so she needs to get that blog going.

Wow you got Sherryn, Tessa, Vickii, all to comment, where's Bev???

Jen Biggs

Hey! I've been busy and so worn out lately. I'll try to update this week. I still have 10 weeks to go even though I am ready now! I've been trying to rest more, just don't have the funky shoes to wear while doing so!


Bev is away judging an eisteddfod (dance comp). AND IT WAS HER BIRTHDAY YESTERDAY! (25TH SEPTEMBER).

HAPPY BIRTHDAY BEV!!! She's 29 you know.

Jen, here's hoping that in 10 weeks time, they won't make you hop on a slipper pan... nasty business those things...


Lynette is a cat? Meowwwwwwwwww! =D
Happy Birthday Bev!


Happy Happy Birthday Bev!!!!!! You and I and Lynette and Tory know you are a little bit older than 29 cause I am the 29 yo and you are a couple of years above that BUT I think we Aussie gals should still do some celebrating cause you are SO up to it and I know Lynette is just itching to get those feet hitting the floor and shaking that thaing. So what that you are a flight away and Lynette has "blinging" on her crutches we can still DO IT!!! You go girls!! A gathering of the girls is sooooo much on the agenda. See ya soon. You on your feet Bev and you in your wheelchair Lynette please lets get you through a week without splitting your wounds AGAIN you very determined women!!!


You really miss me huh Kerry?!?!?!

Cathy L. by Chicago

Very adorable child and LO!


Okay, now that my neices wedding is over, I can go back to sitting on the computer all day, reading blogs. :)

Your mum is so cute!! I love the layout you did for her. The brads in the center of the flower look sooo cool! I'm going to have to copy that.

I really love the pics of Bailey too. That page is amazing. Love the torn/stitched are inspiring Lynette!

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